Twitch I know it's strange to say, and many of you will probably dismiss it right away. I would seriously like to get to know you people deeply. I know it makes me seem incredibly wierd, but I'm ok with that...

I am StringedDream on aim....IM me even if I'm away leave a message...I dont care who you are...or when you im me. I want more friends who i can really talk to...and i;m desperate enough to look on a web full of strangers.
Lemon_Soda Witch isn't so funny because because one has a much larger list of people to communicate with, there for more probably of finding someone you can get along with.

I just love you all. Every one of you.
unhinged blather_family

some of my closest friends over the past five years have been the people i met here, some of which i've had the pleasure to meet in the flesh.

i'm so bad at goodbye
and i'm standing on the edge
of the gaping chasm
that is the rest of my adult life
and i came to grad_school
hoping to delay the feeling
i have now in the pit of my stomach
and i managed to meet some great people here
just some more names to add
to the long list of people
i love and miss everyday of my life
veronica, genea, jon, lucas, jan, al, jonathon, kristina, rebecca, stephanie, jordan, tim, nick, rukun, sam...
i'm sure i'm missing a few
yeah, i'm sure these blue pages
will have plenty of stories full of you
in the months to come when
i'm sad and blue and missing you
somenom love_you_all 050518
Twitch The blatherskyte I've talked to so far are all pretty loveable.

I really do think I love you all
u24 hi everyone.

love ya. been a long time.
jane it's_never_too_late to_say i_love_you 090805
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