Deomis and all the people in it
who say the things
that make me smile again
.nom love_you_all, it's crazy 050123
orange sky i concur! 050123
meta meta 060510
Emptyness Alive blather is amazing
i read through some of the old blathes (my god is this place huge)
an some make me laugh/giggle
some make step back and change my outlook on life
but alot of them are deep
Christ without the cross i love you guys so much 061103
Blather we love you to 061121
Ouroboros wheeeeee
so excited to be back after a brief meditation vacation!

i fucking love blather
falling_alone sorry, i didn't love you the other day.
but i love you now.
Martin blather can help you find really good msn names 061206
Shinnokxz my first blather post is overlooked by the stars 061207
Shinnokxz martin has agreeable words 061207
what's it to you?
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