fairydust i dove in deep and left all behind
but i wasn't sure
and i betrayed us both
and now the but's are adding up
can we ever go back?
i killed you first and left myself to morn
so sorry in the thin light
peeking from shadows
that don't really exist
kid andre Bang bang
I kept my finger pointing forward
sure that you were cheating.
We forgot it all over some cake.

The wild west was delicious.
jane bang bang
he shot me down
bang bang
i hit the ground
bang bang
that awful sound
bang band
my baby shot me down
dries&hardens before i might have,
but now i'm just too beat
to care who gets to say
i killed you first
and even to wonder if it matters

who did the killing
if we're both dead anyhow

a life for a life is

but not so many times over
unhinged you_killed_it
with a few well placed words
i was right to hope
you'd stop calling

and i guess i've given up
on ever getting back
the things i gave you
if you want a physical reminder
you can keep it
all of it
and when you fuck her
you can think of
what i never gave you
unhinged and then you can shock the hell out of me
call me up
and offer to give it back
unhinged because i was convinced you wouldn't give a shit
i never told you how i felt
i effectively ruined
any chances i ever had
at convincing you i was what you needed
i'm not a good salesperson
i figured my actions would speak for themselves
and i am painfully reminded
of my role in your life
i gave you what you wanted
so you could hop over me
to the next good thing that came along
but people don't know unless you tell them
and i was too afraid to tell you
i killed you first
but it still hurts
to see you with someone else
unhinged but i cry now
what's it to you?
who go