sister not-so-innocent and he said 'do you need air?'
and his face was so close to mine
and his blue eyes grinned
and his mouth opened
and he hovered close
and he blew
ever so gently
onto my parted lips.

i breathed out
and im not sure who moved ever so slightly
but our lips touched.

we moved apart
and continued on
but i could still feel his breath
on my smile
roy estrada
i feel like a lone shepherd on a dark green hill somewhere in the low hills of lebenon, wrapped tight in a thick wool robe, drinking thick, rich goat milk from an oily leather flask. the air is thick with the smell of damp sheep fur and cedar.
Tempted not to drink like Joy McMillions. I try to resist the desire but i cannot, and i find myself lying in the gutter outside burger king again.. he supports me, perhaps not with advice, but money. Perhaps that is why I don't have a reason. 020917
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