kookaburra i just changed your life
no matter what you say
i just changed your life
and i'll do it every single
day you come to blather
and look at what i say
since you coulda been thinkin
bout somethin else
i changed your life today
Lemon_Soda *claps enthusiastically. Gets up, smiles, leaves* 040415
notme i know. 040415
Syrope you can thank me later 040415
kookaburra thank syrope (kookaburra thought about this life changing moment. what other thought was she eschewing ((i love that word)) for thanking syrope. would she have cured cancer at this moment? would she do her homework? she decideds to cut this thank you short) 040415
Syrope :) i picked your pocket while you were thinking on thanking me

see now where does that leave you? maybe you should stop worrying about how other people change your life and you should start worrying about how you change your own. eh?

:) *hugs* that's not true. i want to change lives. i just don't want blatant recognition. down the road, sure you can tell me i did, but don't while it's happening. that's just odd & my modesty gets all confused.
kookaburra the on ly thing that i heard was the hug. yay!

says wiggle boo
marked . 040723
Syrope haha

that's what the * were for
BnB every encounter changes your life. 'tis true. 100116
ergo Thanks, the old one was rank. 100116
hsg And you said what I said a long time ago.

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