Mahayana want a family
2 watch as they sleep
2 be able to love & care for
as they
love and care for me as well

[if i stopped wanted this is so much]
[would i than have it]?
26 years of wanting
perhaps is time
for a change
Mahayana uffffffffffftttttt
[damn typos]
im so pathetically sad
that i didnt even notice
all my horrible typos above
LittleSadRidingHood Want to be happy but know not how.
Distrust myself and implicitly beleive all others...
cold cloud of lonliness and Monday mornings...
All seemed so clear yesterday.
stork daddy listened to chicago's "we can last forever" fourteen times in a row.

that's really the only update any of you need.

enjoy my impending psychosis should you be privy to it.

sorry about everything.
jane {miss you, j.} 071211
oren called to say, "I love you". 080829
In_Bloom Have to do it in my way
In my Time
Please be patient
In_Bloom Want to have a home again
Have someone to cook with and laugh with
And sleep safe with
Someone to plan with and build with
I just want to make someone smile again
Have someone tell me again that I'm the best thing to ever happen to them
I guess I just want everything
what's it to you?
who go