852456 it was going to be cool, too. 031209
misstree is loquacious today yeahyeahyeah, that's awesome, i wanna write something kinda like thisthatandtheother and involving that other thing and kinda in that sorta style, c'mon stupid page, why are you taking so long? this is gonna be great... yay! okay, here we go....
what was i saying?
oh, poopsticks.
falling_alone it happens to me all the time...so theres somepaper next to my bed, and in the middle of the night i need to write it all down so i dont forget 031209
Deomis What was I going to put here? 040509
In_Bloom We agreed we would never be that couple that seethes in silence or cryptically berates one another in front of friends
We agreed we would be direct and...
no, nevermind, I have nothing to say.
Lemon_Soda And neither of us is willing to pick up the phone, and I hazard the guess that even if one of us did, the other wouldn't answer.

Oh well...we don't need us.
In_Bloom Some would value my love even more
They'd be better to one another under my gaze
Not that I'd expect or admonish
Just they'd believe what they only now want to believe
And you. You might love me again because you couldn't have me.
You can have me now which isn't angelic at all.
I'd see you want for me like I want for your brilliance.
what's it to you?
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