Mahayana: Zakah: ...
making love
2 someones mind
as -1- of
most beautiful
essential oils
essential conjoining
finds her way
2 someones mind
making love
ClairE jeannie 011231
kerry ClairE, you read my mind 011231
Aaron not hearing voices.. of being with a girl again.... of sanity... of life the way it used to be. 011231
ferret jeany jaeny jneay jnaey jnyea jnyaeynaej yn;alskdjf;asldfjasdnkJEEEEENNNNIIIIIISIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 030523
robyn hitchcock i dream of antwoman
with her audrey hepburn feelers
and her black and white stripes
i know my type and she's out there
sixteen I dream of
skies fit for cartoons,
solid and safe;
I dream in perfect shapes
and sudden beginnings,
where time is precise
and the past isn't
turbid or hard to remember.
My shoes have personality,
my hair stays the same.
everything fits within the lines
because there is no forever.
Dreaming gives me
obtusely real satisfaction
the eye madness 030601
User24 walking in a rainy muddy forest at 8 o'clock at night, with plastic bags tied around my boots to stop the mud getting in. 030602
Ni pink and black plastic lady birds crawling up my arm and turning into marshmallows

clouds flying fast and low through my backyard

love lost

happiness of days now long gone
nomme dreamie 030930
misstree clockwork cats and
conventions of the unconventional and
a big, burly man, uncommon affection,
a parting gift that makes me think he was
a visitor
from outside dream's dances.
nom shaking hands with ghosts in the hallway 070211
what's it to you?
who go