jane hey, waking up is wonderful... 020814
oppressed_youth I washed my hands after I peed. 020814
Original gangsta I did your mom...j/k. 020814
jane ok not today but a while ago i gave money to 2 street musicians

but i think what they were doing was more wonderful than what i did
stork daddy i gave money to two elderly prostitutes. but i think what they were doing was more wonderful than what i was doing. 020814
Freak I woke up and fell in love with him again...as will I tomorrow and every other today and tomorrow to come. 020815
here i am I took my sister from my head and painted her on the sheets 021129
so fucking lost i painted the walls with my bones
offerd up honesty for all the world to see
in an empty room
of just me

and i sat in the corner
and wondered
what the fuck
i thought i was doing
Syrope i was honest with myself 021130
TK I hugged my dad ^.^ 021130
peyton i paid for a stranger's groceries
and walked out
before she realized what happened

i hope her kid felt better about being able to keep their candy :)
unhinged awesome p; i'm glad someone has real christmas spirit.

weird though; cause i gave a homeless lady $5 at the busstop cause she was telling me how the cops arrested her for sleeping on the porch of an abandoned house (it is fucking freezing here right now) and then told her it wasn't their problem to help her find a place. that she had been to all the shelters across the city and they were either full or not accepting single females. how she was going to any and all businesses she came across asking if she could do some odd jobs because a pastor at one of the churches she goes to to eat found a rooming house for her but she needed to scare up $15 to stay there for a few days. i'm kinda low on cash myself, but i have a roof and a full belly.

she didn't seem fucked up on drugs and didn't ask me for money. but i felt like i couldn't hold onto the cash in my pocket knowing i had a warm place to sleep.

'now use this for a place to stay.'

'first i thank god, then i thank you'
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epitome of incomprehensibility I don't think I've done anything wonderful in a single day, not for a while now. Hopefully the little bits of goodness I've been able to do in different days can accumulate into something nice somehow.

Yawn. I'll be inspiring tomorrow.
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