twiggie and it makes me feel so much better.
tears are my only comfort.
Bell R Sitting here alone at my computer.
the only comfort blathering out phrases and such. makes me feel like crying.
and ...
deb too much
too often

where is my shoulder
when i need him?

900 miles away

stupidpunkgirl i cry at night...
so you won't see me
i cry in front of strangers
when i am withdrawn and silent
i cried in front of mike thompson
even though i didn't want him to see it
and know why i was
i don't cry when i break bones or get burned...that hurts less then what is inside of me...which can overwhelm me at any time...for no reason or for every reason. i cry out from the inside
daxle i slump down out of my chair
sob and sob
contact gets stuck behind my eye
faces in the bathroom half blurred the worried now we know how fucked up you are style faces
and i cry
Freak I cry for the days they were still in love.

I cry for the days he messed around while we were left at home.

I cry for his addiction to work.

I cry for the fact that he was never there.

I cry for the days that we barely made it by.

I cry for the days knowing he was right down the street and was still never there.

I cry for the days he missed out on.

I cry for the empty words and broken promises.

I cry for the fact that he can't and will never make up the fact that he's not there.
CRO I cry because i'm a NICE guy. Justice, truth and honour are paramount. Chivalry is a close second.

name one other person who thinks this way.

why do i do this to myself? where is the reward in being a nice guy? who cares? I hereby pledge to become a normal person. I shall only care for myself. I shall lie, cheat and steal if i get personal gain. I shall treat women like shit - because empirical data suggests it is the way they like to be treated.

Why do the hot chicks hang around with the ugly bikers who beat them? or the good looking girls hang around with guys who couldn't give a fuck one way or the other?

back to the topic... i cry for the way the world is. i cry that i can't change it.
the hogfather i never do. well, actualy - thats a lie. i end up crying because of the most idiotic things. usually something ive seen on tv. yeah, anything remotely sad/sappy/really corny on tv makes me cry.
but other than that, i never do.

and im sure theres a nice 'hot chick; out there for you CRO.
SuicidalAngel I cry because I care for people more than they care for me. 021215
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