grendel i am a drunk

alcoholics go to meetings
deb i said that! :)
(see drunk)
bijou last night i christened my new toilet with regurgitated coronas. those limes sure do sting coming back up. 011011
mister mourning perhaps not, but i am definetely a major coke fiend 011011
Norm If you think you have a problem than you probably do. It's not a problem for me and no one who matters to me has ever said they have a problem with it.

People who matter = My buddies, family, boss, teachers, police officers, judge.

The odd person at a party might call me an alcoholic but I could care less cause they don't matter.
dB It depends on how you look at it. If your drinking bothers you then stop.

I bought a 700ml of Clan Campbell Scotch tonight for two reasons:

1) I've never tried it before.

2) Because I didn't feel up to drinking a whole 40oz.

Some would say that I have a problem drinking a whole 700 in one sitting. I say I don't mind doing it.
Alcohols IS a cruch, but let's face it, even the strongest of legs sometimes need help.
Mister Mourning "I can drink a whole hennessy fifth
some call that a problem
i call it a gift"

what's it to you?
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