j_blue i like the sound of it

sometimes i wish it was my middle name

that way maybe people wouldnt feel obliged to point out my tendency to forget what i said or did five seconds ago, or yesterday, or whatever
j_blue btw, thats pronounced like hypocriteez 010124
thetuvix If I call you a hypocrite and then you call me a hypocrite for saying that, does that make neither of us hypocrites or both of us hypocrites?

Watch out how you answer this question... you wouldn't want to be a hypocrite...
Inanna Hippos attack 011014
Motomu a bunch of hipocrites here and there like our bosses 030216
Carne de Metal Dip dip, for diplomatic!
Hip, for hypocratic!

dry dry dry, for dryland tourist,
tup, for tupper norris.
myriadmoods Hypocrites shall find no true peace. 040112
what's it to you?
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