paste! salsa_wood is known to produce a moat_burp that'll knock grandma's fuckin socks off. sans isotopes_of_habanero, of course not. hve a first crosue!

and be gentle with the batlamb, dumpy.

twice i have swam from cuba, my lungs are prok_hocks and this diving gear is fused to pebbles, cocoa pebbles, so i am blown away at what to do next...

there must be a brochure that i can refer too or a log to fry in a wok at day, or a tack to put on a head by day, or a foot to shout into.

even cloth, uneven stich.

oddly, the pancreas is noted to turn old bath water into gold bouillon, like chicken bouillon and we are stocked. that just made my day more feasible. there are stamens that run so far as to be drained of stamina and it is raining and the petals are ingested suddenly into the caw, whenceforth, the horse crawls from under the trampoline disgusted.

the pancreas figures out one thing: to make casseroles out of pewter statues (small) is a holy task, one divised by mathematictactoes, or even tomatoes, and with such devices at disposal the comedian bolts from the stage and when he is behind the curtain a jug of wine is dumped on him from above, by a stuffed shark, hanging from the rafters.
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