Ariadani i call the pink one! 020801
squint fine! I'm all about blue anyway.

i've got hand of lightning, my hippo is more a pig than hippo
its like a gasoline powered radioactive talking...wait I mean...
hey where did my imagination go?

*imagination snickers and flies out window*

damn you! you and your spork compatible garlic toast!
trin when i was little i always wanted that game,
but my mom would never buy it for me.
i was crushed.
its funny,
how the thing that really matter,
change over time.
squint I was just rummaging through old pictures and found one with hungry hungry hippos in it.

there isn't a blue one. at least not in one from the 80s.

so I pick the orange one.
kingsuperspecial Made Donnie_Darko cry. 020923
bad doctor i didn't know they had tournaments! third place! that's fabulous! 020923
lobsterman what do you do when the rest of the world is crazy? when it's the hottest day of the year and you have a business meeting and the only jacket you didn't lose in the fire was that itchy tweed one that smells like abstract art? gobble up whatevers thrown at you, as if they're pearls. eat the pearls, wear them on your leg stumps, use them as frivolously as you want, but first you've got to get them all. 020924
Mahayana they dont have hungry hungry hippos in poughkeepsie, Ny {the search continues} 020924
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