hsg sprouted 080117
Ouroboros i just sprouted some organic quinoa- going to make raw tabouli salad for lunch 080118
hsg alkalize i sing thoughts, my friend.

we eat with love so that we may serve with love.

living_foods, living_foods until all_that_is_is_awake.

compost, integrate. our sink water is piped out to growing trees & sunflowers.

our_whole_system_is_thinking: "th_is_a_better_way"

soak your almonds, drink itsweetasting milk. cure it back, resoak. the revival of the delicious.

underground sprouting holes, oh yes, those too are coming. people know & people do.

souler_energy. raways.
u24 we bought an organic cookbook yesterday.

we cooked smoked haddock poached with milk, onion, lemon and pepper served with mustard cabbage and a few potatoes for dinner.

it was nice.
unhinged and now i think i have e coli

in my life
have i had stomach pains like this
Ouroboros We were all in the kitchen preparing dinner, when my roommate screamed- on the beautiful organic, fresh from the farmer's red kale, were many (maybe 10) snails. She remarked that this is probably how the French figured out how delicious escargot is. 080121
hsg awe, that'so cute!

hope you didn't eathem... without sea_salt!
Ouroboros beautiful uncookbook purchased- ani's raw food kitchen- such living recipes. My kitchen is stocked again with deliciousness- apples, avocados, kale, sprouts, carrots, buckwheat, dulse, nutritional yeast, quinoa, yum yum. Now I just need free time and a blender. 080915
unhinged i love quinoa

flowerock maybe this would save us money on propane when we get our bubble, an on spoiled food if we get it fresh ad eat it fresh.

mmm. I think we could do it. I think I could. got the organic part down, most of what I eat I could eat raw...

not eating:
meat, soy, corn, grains of any kind, dairy, eggs, or added sugar (ok I do eat some things with sugar added)

means I eat mostly fruits, nuts, veggies, legumes, seeds any way... my beloved sweet potatoes would be the hardest to give up I think... and raw chocolate sounds expensive, but is delicious...

I guess we don;t have to eat ONLY raw ; ) I may not be ready for that yet.
tail-devouring snake Raw now, all fresh, all clean, easily prayed over/programable. Bounty of summer. Figs, dates, peaches, apples, blueberries, lemons; kale, radishes, lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, sweet potato, onion, avocado, cabbage, hot peppers, scallions, daikon, tomatos, celery, carrot, hatch chiles; sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds; olive oil, hemp oil; dulse, nori, cacao, spirulina, green powder, warriorfood; sun green tea, kombucha, water. 140811
tail-devouring snake i need durian. my mouth salivates when i think of it. my cells crave it. fresh durian is nowhere to be found here in the desert. 150223
flowerock I was just feeling a desire for durian today, too. I love it cold. I have not seen it in a while since the market in tucson towards the south side... surprising how I forget names so quickly... wast it 17th St market? Maybe... 150224
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