j_blue i would have to say that humans are apart of nature, i mean, the natural environment has yeilded us, but there are alot of peculiararities.

for one, technology has made us a j curve species, when our closes analogs are s curve species.

i think the fact that our population hasnt equalized kindof implies alot of things.

i mean, humans have been around for a long time, but human civilization, and human history only go back so far.

when i say that consciousness as we know it is an evolutionary experiment in progress, i mean that we have yet to attain a self sustaining equilibrium.

but whatever
tourist I think that as far as not reaching an equalibrium is concerned, that it points
towards my belief that the human spieces is (dare I say) destined to move beyond the limitations of Habitat, such as one valley, one continent, or one planet. We have proven ourselves to be adaptable and capable of ecking out a survival in a vast variety of habitat,even so far as engineering them to fit our needs. We are not the only spieces to do this, take Beavers for example. Beavers will modify their habitat by flooding areas to suit themselves, not for the benifit of othe species, though some are able to take advantage of the beavers handiwork.This is not to say that I am not appalled by the sensless destruction of fragile ecosystems and the loss of diversity in flora and fauna that we cause in the name of profit. But the fact that we recognize that we are doing these things may well bring about the will to stop them. Moving out with our technolgy may be the answer, or at least part of it. Downsizing waste production and population should also be persued conscously because there is no way that we are going to move large percentages of people off planet, the colonization of asteroids and other habitats will be done by the offspring of the original settlers mostly. Just as it always has been. Most of us will be left here so we need to clean up our act.The advances in communication technology are arrising at the same time that the need for global awareness is reaching such a crucial point, coincidence? Maybe, but it might be destiny. Much like the pressence of needed materials for fuel and oxygen are present in Lunar soils, just a short jump from here.
We may well be beings of the larger ecology,system wide, not locked to this planetary circle, but inclined to expand and meet the others who like ourselves have taken the next logical step.
Hubris? No, we were designed this way, restless wanderers, seeking the far horizons.
j_blue the only thing i have to say is that the beaver is moderated by a variety of forces, both external and internal, that have allowed for a world free of beaver domination 001222
barnaclebill Beaver Domination? Hmmmmm..Har!! 001222
monadh a true wilderness 010727
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User24 ha! human nature? isn't that an oxymoron? 030619
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