auto cross reference system Sheep candidate.

See world_leaders_annual_nativity_play.
User24 hello me, meet the real me! 030730
Fire&Roses Do you believe in God? Sort of... I believe in Howard.
-Robert Fulghum
big daddy as long as he loves his mother.

For heaven hath no patience for those who fuck the anus.
sab "your a weasley little cunt howard"
and every night
i laughed anew
at the Truth being given
by a dessicated man
Lila Pause Oh to be an assassin in the night with leather gloves and a taste for the blood of our oppressors. 041018
sab doesnt work like that babe.

to quote from that pivital teen movie Heathers

I cut off Heather Chandlers
head, and Heather Dukes head has grown in its place.

kill off howard and youll get costello. or latham. or any other. theyre all the same boy in different sized suits.

you want change? you gotta get the right people in there.
which means voting for the right people
which means getting the right people up on the ballot paper
and enough of the population to vote for them.

good luck with that.
we're all gunna need it

the dark days are already here.
but then, i firmly believe they always have been here.
three words biting_until_there_is_nothing_left
clues_for_no_one_in_particular howard
what's it to you?
who go