isolated I was looking at blather with someone else's computer, and everything is underlined. It is weird.

for internet explorer
toolsinternet optionsadvanced

somewhere in there is "underline links", change that to something else. I like "never", or "hover" if you must.
User24 cool.
one might almost say, farky.

though I have no idea whether that'd be a good thing or not..
endless desire i have been on other computers where all the words are really big. my words are little. i like them that way. and i like how i have visited a lot of blather pages so many words aren't all lit up. 030623
User24 on my work computer the blue is darker, or, conversely, my brightness is too high on my home computer 030623
jane on my friends computer the font is very different...i don't remember what it's called but it's quite ridiculous 030623
a thimble in time a mindstorm of instantaneous messaging
a mindstorm of instantaneous messaging

That's one to see it.

However, what I find most impressive is the sense of respect veteran blatherers harbor for this website. It isn't demanded, it comes willingly and naturally. That truly blows my mind.
endless desire how do you change the font? a lot of computers have different ones. some are big and some are small...but how did they get that way? 031226
nonsensical you can change the font by going to tools which is after favorites, then click on internet options and click on the button that says fonts. then you can select a font.

does that help?
u24 hehehe!!! wow! OMG that is cool. WOoooooOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOoooo!!!!!

never saw the magic fonts button before!!!
minnesota_chris you can change everything. Look at my yahoo photos page. It's something like 031227
endless desire yeeee that's very nice indeed 031228
whitechocolatewalrus a place to lose all control
a place to dream
a place to comfort
a place to seek understanding
a place for everything
under the sun
a place where all colors
end up as blue.
Nukemall duh! with my eyes. 031229
misstree really? i lick it. 031229
misstree it's made with only the freshest handpicked electrons, y'know. 031229
meta meta. 060310
crazy sonzabeach it all used to link like a flowing entity feeding life into its own creation. These days its generally random 060513
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