yoink play violin
be from the uk
enjoy mud
say "shitcunt"
make me have to look below my eye level
sell cranberries by the roadside

listen to the weez

whine like a baby and need me to make you stop
silentbob listen to punk and ska and emo but appreciate alternative rock

enjoy beautiful movies by kevin smith and cameron crowe

hate ignorance and racism, be disgusted by homophobia, appreciate diversity

love me
casey Make me think you love me.

Speak your mind.

You don't always have to be happy.

Don't make fun of my winnie the pooh boxers

Don't be turned away by my annoying laugh

Talk to me

Love music and movies
black-dyed gel product get me wasted and set small vicious animals loose in an office building 010706
baby satan bite the tip of my tongue off when you kiss me. 010706
redneckk eat some of my shit 010706
yummychuckle don't care about me but strike me as interesting, unique, wonderful, and have a lot in common with me.
yeah. but most important...dont care about me but be friendly til u realize i am obsessed, then be disgusted.
dB Don't talk to me
Don't walk with me.
Dont look at me
Don't touch me
Don't try to communicate or anything.
Just stay the hell away.
And dont' ever, ever try to save my life.
dB Like some ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch. 010708
Lola ummm, thats nice!
snigger and smile.
sooo... why would anyone want to own you?
I don't want any one to bloody own me.
fucking nightmare.
I mone at this page, I pity it.
it is slack and for lost loners.
why do you want to be owned?
how weird.
how to own me - you could kill me.
or buy me at the slave market- I'm cheep.
Nola fuck me in every way possible. 010709

i'll give you my body,
just sell me your soul
Toxic_Kisses You can't, I'm not a possession. 011011
Dafremen Give me just cause why you should and perhaps you can, for as long as I let you.

Mistreat your belongings and watch them disappear.
daxle buy me a kitten (this is probably enough on it's own)
find me a place to live where I can keep this kitten
know everything about plant physiology and genetics and like it (and help me with my classes)
realize that rancid is the greatest band of all time, and that music is central to life
don't encourage my faults, but don't dwell on them either
being vegan, male, and stereotypically emo/punk/hardcore will also help
lost tell me you love me
hold me and let me hold you
make love to me
then you'll leave me like they all do
then i will say never again
then you come back
i take you back
and you leave me again

it's a vicious cycle
mourningstars i won't tell anyone because i know that in the end they will exploit what they know, get bored and leave


i stick to the road, lulling myself into the comfortable delusion that this loneliness is some kind of self-imposed exile, romanticizing it all in my own head and trying to attribute some fictional degree of nobility to it when it's really just pathetic

i have my toys and that's enough...

Photophobe See me for what I am.
Make me believe you understand me, regardless of the truth.

Once I believe that, even if I realise its a lie, its too late for me.

Its an extended version of having power over someone by knowing their name.
Dafremen I would like to think that EVENTUALLY harlan is going to outgrow this whole pathetically desperate girl-toy phase he's putting himself through. 011012
niki play guitar
listen to endless hours of music
give me some space
love the show "Oz" as much as I do
be able to eat ridiculous amounts of spaghetti or sloppy joes at one sitting

there's more but that's enough
mightbebipolar tell me your're the one i waited for to bandage my wrists when i was young. tell me you've been watching, waiting. draw blood with me and prove you are loyal to our love. be confused be strong. recognize i don't need you as i hide inside of you. don't ever let on that you know. 011012
stars Love "nappy time",
Be spontaneous,
Have pretty eyes and nice hands,
Be good to me,
Treat me like I'm special,
Love me.
distorted tendencies Be yourself with a wonderful smile and love me for who I am. 011012
lost well daf, i kinda of have grown out of it. im just saying thats what you used to have to do. the girlfriend i have right now is the sort of person that doesnt purposly hurt anyone. she is alot like me. i mean alot like me. she is strange but in a good way. and most people misunderstand her. she likes the same kinda music. we are just a lot alike. i wouldnt say i am in love with her or anything i mean i have only been with her for a week. i would say i care a little though. she doesnt own me. no one is ever going to own me again. you can be my equal but not above me. 011012
monde (AS long as the day is wide, this blather below. In honesty, overlong. Apologies to the shortspan attentioneers who may be reading. I plead lunacy: ovulation makes me loquacious.)

My understanding of "to own me" as it has been used here is that it was uttered in a spirit of fun, sexy hyperbole - just a more dramatic/romantic/suggestive way of saying "how to make me really, really, really like you."

Of course people don't do well when they try to control their significant others/sex friends/ partners, et cetera. Duh.

There IS a way that I can be owned: in the complex interaction of a consensual sexual power trip. Especially that special variety of domination play which doesn't involve physical bondage or its medievalesque discomfortness-oriented regalia: whips, restraints, and pain-making things in general. (Though the black latex pants are jusssst fffine, thank you.)

How to own me: possess a calm and charismatic demeanour with a beguiling demonic smile and yet have right under the surface of it a wicked, deranged laugh like you'd laugh knowing that you might as well own the world.

Know the difference between machismo and power. The former is lame. Machismo always has something to prove. Power does not.

Sex begins for me when I slip into a trap by landing my eyes on yours for a splitsecond overlong: forceful, steady-gazing eyes...and behind them, a face and a mind which are unfazed by any silly worry about appearance or concern that someone might consider you unworthy to assume such attitude.

Being without need for any evidence of your own power, or any confirmation of it from anothers' reactions...but yet able to cooly and casually enjoy the fondness of worshipful gazes and words when they do come...and come, they do. For you are a spectacular vision, androgynous like a hippie yet having the kemptness of a CEO or a master of the darker arts of technology.

But no short hair: he who would own me knows what magic it can wreak upon a girl like me! At the very least have it curling over ear and brushing neckwards...shoulderlength betterly, if at all possible - and even better if probable. Long hair moves like fire in wind, sweeps over thighskin like fluid, slinking snakes, like curvy tendrils of vine. Hair cut short always appears to me as if it's been made a slave of the shorthaired one's mundane and quotidian life, with its sacred "freedom of conformity" rulebook. Hair fettered by the scissors is listless and lies upon the skulltop as if cringingly clinging to it, afraid to move in any way other than in the direction the face on the head is pointing. I guess I just like long hair a lot. It's superficial, but so are you in one way or another.

But power is more important than hair. Rather a true psiont with underlengthed hair than a long-locked dim-bulb. In the end, total surrender to him at the command of his words - or maybe just that mind-controlling subsonic emanation of his. (I actually feel this sometimes. I guess I'm insane. So what else is new?)

Someone who would own me would understands hypnosis enough to know what it really is, and what it isn't, and do it. Not that cartoon-style pendulum watch swinging carnie-barker prestidigitation.....but the more spontaneous, subliminal, esoteric, infinite and intimate variety.

For a second: dreading the overlongness of the gaze, embarrassment, then that's suddenly whooshed clear out of proximity and also relevance by his sweeping assault on my consciousness. Blazing far past caring on many levels. Aiming ever forward.

I connect and for a splitsecond eyelocked I share his power, he shares his power with me. Knows for splitsecond I cease to be, and instead I occupy the space of him, feeling his own strength and ease of being. Sharing the source of that primordial evil laugh.

And then he directs me to feel his power manifest physically and bare itself to me tauntingly, savouring the slow seconds prior to invasion. At that time I desire control to be wrest from me completely - I crave to see/feel/touch/taste/hear/hyper-know him taking over me. The dissipative ecstasy of surrender to power. Ye Gods, it is so sweet, and heady like the spice of good coffee or weed or beer. It ends too fast, alas!

Which is why, I suppose, there are those who forget when to quit owning and controlling...who can't leave it in the sex arena, or who never did well with it there, perhaps never desired anything akin to psychosexual dominance...or maybe desired it too much! and felt inadequate in that role, like their real power could never match up to the fantasy.

Handy Clue:The two things aren't really separate - truly believing you have a powerful presence is often enough to actually grant the believed-in phenomena. (And in ways that can be noticed by other people besides just you.)

It's just a matter of sidestepping the catch-22 of believing in yourself enough for the Sex Gods to recognize you as a worthy vessel for their godly powers. All these things find you when you stop seeking them. (And only when.)
ilovepatsajak make me feel like i belong to you, make me feel it even if it aint true.
mazzy star
DannyH Buy me a drink. 011013
psychobabe *buys you a drink*

someone can own me for 5 bucks!
flo just make it feel like i'm being hit by a brick the first time i see you. then i'll be your bitch until you dump me. 011025
lady lunchbox ~watch comedy central all day, every day
~tickle my back without a single complaint
~kiss my belly
~bare your soul to me
~tell me you love me
~don't ever leave
oren If I'm tipsy, just lift your top up and show me your tits. I'm yours until I sober up. 020103
ClairE Apparently I cost 300 bucks. 020103
sim Don't own me, dahlink, adore me. 020103
cube $300, eh? American?
kerry know exactly when to hang around and talk and when to shut up and give me some space

appreciate my taste in unpopular, underground bands

appreciate the fact that i am a vegetarian

long to hear me play my guitar

be intrigued by me... be drawn in, hypnotized... but lead me, too

most of all,
adore me
DannyH *gives psychobabe five bucks* 020103
blown cherry be a cat 020304
Syrope think about me when im not around
tell me little things about your day that you thought didn't matter
giggle with me over stupid stuff
blown cherry I love the fact that this page is here!
It's really weird, but somehow it's comforting :)
Mahayana : own
Middle English owen,
Old English Agen;
Old High German eigan,
Old Norse eiginn,
Old English Agan

: used to express immediate or direct kinship [an own soul] [an own son] [an own love] [an own sister] [an own kindred spirit]
: own

+bare 1 sachet of yourself within me
+tote up fiery, intense, passionate ancient waters
+rouse and hand round

+ love me:
+ adore me:
+ be in love with me:
even whilst im gloomy
unvarying when you are sad
even while i am in high spirits
even whilst you are blissful
receive me for who i am
as i shall onto you

value that i am going to transform
for everything changes
adjustments really are not to be of importance so as long as you appreciate
that i can love you and that you can love me all the way through those alterations

identify with that i shall be devoted to you no matter what you declare, where you go, what you believe experience or articulate, what you do or what you do not do

:: ultimately how_to_own_me ::
just love me
just allow me to love you
just love me

[[:: this is all i ask ::]]
g h o s t i'm easy to own,

but it seems i'm not a keeper, though, if anything i guess i have good trade_in_value

sooner or later they always find a better_deal
continuous ache tell me things that you've never told another soul, and do it because you want to.
be honest with me always. [i don't know why this is so hard for people. if you're going to have trouble telling someone the truth about something that you've done, maybe you should think twice about doing it]
don't be judgemental of the bad things i do. having fun is my main goal in life, without it, life is just a waste. and sorry, but some bad things are just fun.
tolerate my sadness. you don't have to understand it, you don't have to help me with it, just tolerate it.
say what you mean.
love me without reserve.
silentbob make_me_A_MIXtape 020404
unhinged tell me i am beautiful
tell me you want to fuck me
use me
for liquor, drugs
sleep in my bed
make me hold you at night
kiss me in a crowded room
wink at me
ignore me for months
and i will be obsessed
oh you will own me
and i will write reams of poetry
for you
and i will cry at night
wishing that you were in my bed tonight
wishing i could still change the impossible
and be captivating enough to make someone care about me
the way i care about you
Arwyn + Adore me
+ kiss me
+ caress me
+ understand me
+ hold me
+ care about me
+ know me
+ love me
+ be gentle with me

+ do all the aforementioned and you will have my heart... but you will never own me. I will not belong to you, I will belong WITH you.
kill rhythm just ask jon

or i could just tell you...
you need to be interested in music, whether it be making it, hearing it, or just loving it all around, like me. not the rap shit that is played on all the teeny bopper stations or something like that, i DID, after all, say music...(hope that doesnt lead to a controversey)
and if you played guitar it wouldnt hurt. longish hair, preferably brown, that hangs everywhere, blue eyes that look at me with love
tell me how much i mean to you.
treat me with respect...
hold me in your arms
talk to me about things
trust me

funny, i guess i just described him...well, not at his present state of course...but that was him about 6 months ago. actually, exactly 7 months ago was when he started acting this way. and i am starting to question the reality of it all..
kerry go up to me and talk to me

don't be loud and obnoxious

show an interest in stuff i like

you have to be able to appreciate punk, emo, hardcore, and rock music but please no mainstream mtv crap

be gentle

reach for me carefully
reitoei everyman has his price.
every doorman and bouncer a tip.
every guard and customs agent his favorite gem or watch.
it is said that everyman has a price. be it money, fame, gold, art or someone else they can be bought and owned.
so far ive exhausted banks, emptied mines and robbed the lourve, and still i roam free.
Aimee Tie me up on satin sheets, drip hot wax on my body and penetrate me in every possible way... 020513
bethany call me a stone fox
don't be an aries
swear a lot
sleep in
and be able to lift me up onto the wall
phil what a stone fox, for sure. 020513
phil I think I had a dream about you last night bethany, sure I may be psychotic, but it was a nice dream. I never swore in the dream though, just my luck. 020514
bethany aim shawnapurv tell me more tell me more 020517
pralines&cream be a certain man ... 020517
phil see "dream" for more info 020517
bethany i dont understand
i stand on corners sometimes
beatles songs too fast are a pain
and if you play guitar it's better than air guitar, or plain just walking around playing air guitar
and i dont know if i'm younger than you
but i dont think i am
phil i don't get ages very easily 020519
Daria Buy me a Cd and lead me to your house.
Tie me to your bathtub(some of these blatherers say it isn't possible, but I know better)
broken_down girl + be beautiful inside and out
+ make me feel safe
+ tell me you love me
+ create warmth over long distances
+ say I look pretty tonight
+ act cold to me in front of others
+ lose my number
+ drink too much
+ be a flake
+ treat pretty girls 10 times better than me, even though we are best friends

+...make me miserable by just being wonderful you
curious make me miserable by just being wonderful you? sounds sad but maybe not. is that person real? 020521
freakizh buy your own particularly funny and unique freakizh in the nearest freak-e-mart

if you..

- appear in my dreams
- play your guitar for me
- appreciate music
- be jealous and possesive
- try thinking far beyong your body
- or make me shiver with the slightest touch possible

..then you receive a discount valid for the rest of your life (or until freakizh solds out).
broken_down girl that list applies to one man, except for a single item of the list, which belongs to a different man, but that I couldn't bear to leave out.

Short answer: yes, very real.

Dafremen Just read this again harlan. Good for you. We're ALL equal, no exceptions...even the scumbags. They're just scumbags and are to be accorded the respect that scumbags deserve...that's all. 020623
owned hi. 020625
tell me you love me
User24 chown 777 user24 030527
niska wear the same shirt every day 030527
jane be interesting
let me draw you
mirabara be smart
have long hair
have nice sholders
take charge
be nice

know when to speak, and know when to just let the atmosphere take over
little wonder do everything you're doing 030528
TK be edzactly like SAM from the movie Benny & June *Swoons* 030529
pobodys nerfect Sam from "Benny and Joon" is nice--too bad he isn't real. Fun,a little kooky, romantic,patient...a nice combination.. He was a wonderful chef, too! ;D 030529
Jane Doe let me cook for you
mesmerize me with your words (I pray that you have them, too.)
be taller than me
believe in the five finger discount
be the person in the car (when driving) that people say "asshole" to.
play a country (yes, country) song and sing it to me...
play a rousing game of poker (hey, this girl can play.)
have that childlike curiostity of "how things work,"
understand that you don't have to always talk about every damned thing, "go with the flow."
have sudden urges to "break the law,"- I don't know how to describe it, but it's in these moments when I find out who you are.
Let ME drive for once, guys don't always have to be the one driving.

SPONTANEOUS- do random things like... "hey, want to go on a road trip... right now"

I don't ask for all of those, and I don't even ask for some of them, but I guess what I am trying to type out is... if you did have any of those qualities, I would be drawn to you.
"we would be infinite."
jezabel tell me no. 040102
grendel I'm available right out of the display case in a number of fine, albeit metaphoric, pawn shops.

cheap, even.
misstree i'm free to a good home. 040102
Doar i don't have a owners manual and i don't come with any warranty whatsoever and when the newer shinier model comes along you can kick my ass to the curb. 040318
sameolme I am the newer shinier model.
I come,... um I'm equipped,... no...
front and rear... hmm...

don't ask questions just pay the man the money.

Writer! Can we get a writer over here?
lady lunchbox # look like brandon boyd from incubus
# sing like brandon boyd frmo incubus
# love me completely and madly
# eat boca burgers with me ; )
# appreciate my odd-looking skirts and tell me i'm beautiful
# take me out to bars on friday nites and buy me dark beer
# kiss me softly in the morning, even when i have yucky sleep-breath
# walk with me in the rain
# don't complain when i don't come to bed cuz i'm working on a design project
# watch adult swim with me
# share my house
# share my love
# share my life

i'll never belong to anyone.
Death of a Rose you can get me on a lay away plan.
Don't pay for 2 years. But of course i'll need you to apply for one of our credit cards first.

You can smell the freshness.
love & hate just ask katie... 040507
witchesrequiem seasons have changed since you pulled your prank again.
And yet somewhere within my flesh your ghost still haunts me.
Nervous little you.
Even After all the cruel words that spill from your tongue I want you. Why?
Are you an addiction?
Is this how I am to love?
I want you to come to me.
Smirk of the things we understand of the past.
Go on in the manner of content.
Quietly passing shadows, embraceing the faults we can not bare in one another.
Is this how you own me?
x all you really have to do is love me and stay near me 040507
kookaburra put your head in my lap 040507
birdmad "100K mi. on orig chassis, some grey feathers, some scratches and dents, fond of politics, given to bouts of melancholy, diverse taste in music, good with cats. Test-drive model, no previous owners. mostly harmless." 040507
bird "serious inquiries only" 040510
JustOnMonday be my best friend
cut the throat of my insecurities
mold my confidence
know what it is like to be alone
need me
save me
kiss me
love me
talk to me all night
don't make me cry
call me your Konstantine
hint: I am sucker for a sweet talker

and when you own me, I'll do anything.
misstree get your teeth on my throat
and really mean it, take the moment for everything it offers and

revel and hunt with me, show me things i wouldn't find otherwise, and

let me nearlyneed you and
let you nearlyneed me and

we'll find somewhere wandering around in the same world, and we'll own ourselves and eachother.
DonnaDelight Say hello and tie me to your bed. Gag me and fuck my brains out, then tell me you love me, and mean it. 040823
Elmo Talk to me first, i can't work the other way around.
Smile at me.
Make me feel comfortable.
Give me sex.
Let me do my own thing when i want to.
Tell me straight when i've done something wrong, how the fuck am i supposed to know otherwise? Contrary to popular belief, blokes are not built psychic.
Love games.
Love death metal.
Hate TV.
Have a brain.
Be open minded, and left wing.
Enjoy my company.
what's it to you?
who go