Grievance you do it to yourself, you do, and no one else.

Tell people to (insert insult) with disregard to yours and theirs total being.

_t_H_a_T_'s T_h_e _L_A_S_T _Time.

I'll send that promise to heaven,
and now i seek to be understood no more,
i still have eleven lives left,
this one I'll live for sure.
This one, I'll live for me.
Grievance how to avoid purest hell?

see: i_wish_i_never_woke_up_this_morning
ClairE I agree.

According to my friend Miriam, one route is to talk to people online, while you are naked.
Keep in mind she is the one talking to someone online about licking ice_cream off his body.

But, no, "there is a line".
lali you get lonely one day after another, you watch peopel leave and never try to stop them , you scream alone in your bed and have noone to hold. 061127
the cheer-up kid Hell does not burn
Hell does not freeze
Hell is at twenty one degrees

Hell is not hunger and hell is not thirst
It's the lack of the chance to feel either that's worst.

Hell is not dying and hell is not birth
Hell is the time that you waste on this Earth.

Hell is not losing the love of your daughter,
Hell is in not loving her like you

Hell does not burn
Hell does not freeze
Hell is perpetually kept at a comfortable twenty one degrees
mike Hell cant have fire because if it did then it would also be heven for pyromaniacs. 061129
what's it to you?
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