mon not only do the words blur and seem smaller as i scroll up down the pages
they seem to seem
to appear farther away further and farther
or is it eye am i the one
drawing back
mon to dream an old home empty but the new family returning soon
squatting the night keeping watch

multiples of a living dead cat
each time i'd cage her and set her in the car a new one would appear on the couch
how could i take one but leave another?
after the fifth multiple of the same cat.. i gave up. i had different other cats to catch, a niece to look after, boxes and bags to load into departing cars.

the new family came home like they always do
but they understood this time so they didn't call the cops
our eyes were drawn to the sky as we talked

as i watched the sun it faded out and a new sun was born in a new place
beside where the old once was
this new sun the same size but closer to us
black glowing orange at the cracks
like a ball of crusty molten lava

ash began to flow instead of light
slow_motion volcanic coronal mass ejection explosion i turned to run but i couldn't run fast or far enough away.
i hadn't any time to stop and clean the spilled flour on the old wooden kitchen floor. i woke up.

last time it'd been alien sky ships instead of an exploding sun, no groundhog_day cats. in the previous version i had made a cake.
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you -don't- have a scrollmouse?

well bloody well buy one! they're Phun!
mon exactly 031229
Death of a Rose beat me. dammit, but i was proud for a fleeting second. 031230
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