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somebody How many more Iraqis must die for our ("America / United_States") revenge? - at Chicago Sun-Times (Nov 12, 2004)

A recent report suggested that if one compares the number of deaths that usually occur in Iraq per year with the number since Bush"'s invasion, the cost of the war in dead Iraqis may be more than a hundred thousand human beings. Now Iraqi deaths don't count because they look funny and talk funny and have a funny religion. Besides they're Arabs, and we have a score to settle with Arabs because of their attack on the World Trade Center.
Yet if we are able to sustain the number of deaths that have happened as a consequence of the invasion, we will soon have accounted for as many as Saddam_Hussein did. That's a lot of dead Arabs -- and a lot of bereaved spouses, parents, children, other relatives and friends.
How many before will we have to kill before we're satisfied with our revenge?
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