Cax Breathe in the smell of your skin
as you kiss the bruise of a bad dream
wrap myself in your mem'ries again
as I slowly part at the seams

Don't say goodbye
Goodbyes mean "too long"
I'll see you soon,
just listen to the words of the song.

Pull my hair and grind your teeth
maybe you'll make an impression
the only thing good that'll come of this
is a lusting fatal agression

It'll bring you to your knees
and itll blow your mind
but the essence of the essence
is giving it time.

This isn't my laugh
this isnt my smile
i'm breaking your heart
but youre still in denial

so close your eyes
under an ocean of blue
the houdini act you saw
was of breaking you.

An untouchable fever
an unforgivable sigh
the reason for the reason
that I acted shy.

Straight forward as an arrow
with a sting of hot showers
I could lay here still
and think of you for hours.
what's it to you?
who go