who i am doesnt matter anymore I Love when people come in and go "WOW! LIKE THIS IS SO LIKE MY SECOND HOME AND STUFF!". cuz yea, i get paid to spend 75% of my time there. This job gives me pride. The people there are like a family, my family. I learn more then i could ever ask for and im always willing to learn more. That damn back cash register is like my new best friend. I have converstaions with it. The clothes hangers MUST hang like a question mark. Kinda like how we must breath. an unfolded shirt? Not anywhere near me. this store is my home. it runs threw my veins just like anything else close to my heart. This is a seirous job, that is what makes it so much fun.
and somehow it still makes me giggle when someone comes in and says "Ive always been afraid to come in here...but...".
Ive always wonderd why people are so scared of such nice people? its their dirty dirty minds.
So since i have the day off...I shall go and do somthing away from My Hot Topic.
misstree i know a lot of people who look down their noses at it, nickname it "not_gothic." been guilty of it meself. though i have never found clothes proper for me, i have found trinkets and socks and a pair of boots i am quite enamored of. an employee friend says that the people are a great family, the corporation is wonderful, very friendly, even the ceos are called on a first name basis, and buyers look for what they would like, not what the next trendy trend will be. condescention grudgingly melting to appreciation. 040218
factory reject does anyone else think the store front looks like a giant pizza oven?

that's all i think whenever i see it.
don't tell me it's just me?!
falling_alone it doesn't seem as interesting as it once was to me.
it's very trendy. but i like that they have harry potter tees.
birdmad if i, as a dusty old fart of a goth (proudly dressed in black since 1987) who bought my copy of The_Cure "Disintegration" the day it came out can give it my blessing, it is good enough. 061211
beulahry it's kind of funny when people are surprised and appalled when they find out it's owned by the gap, as if there's any difference between the two anyway. (besides packaging) 061211
do it yourself Fuck off hipsters. Just...fuck off. 061211
needing to shed a shiny skirt since when does any of this have anything to do with hipsters? are they next in line to be lumped with goths, now that emo is desperately whining to assert its independence? 061214
u24 i thought this was entitled "hottopic".

ha. haha. it is.

but i thought it intended to convery "hotto pic" rather than "hot topic". perhaps it does. ah well.
what's it to you?
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