constella speeding down the road
engine races faster and faster
another car
one quick moment time stands still
rubber burns the cement beneath it
metal tears through flesh before it
screams rip the air around

{the cement is covered in the red blood sacrifice}
Special K well... that is pretty scarey but i still think that this dream i had once is even scarier...i was running from this vicious dog, foam streaming down his scarred face, the veins in his legs began to bulg out even more than before... i kept running but he just kept gaining on me and gaining on me and just as i was about to reach the door to my house he leaped and sank his teeth into my neck... that's when i woke up and felt the back of my neck, see? ARF ARF ARF!!! BAAHAHAHAHA dang i watch too many movies :) 040625
misstree "you don't remember what you said?"


"we'll talk about it soon."
CheapVodka I feel the scream rising up from my throat. I know it's coming and I can't stop it. He's behind the closet door.. and I know I have no protection. I stay still and unmoving but I'm sure I'm already in his sights. In a matter of seconds, he'll be on me. His hands around my throat and thumbs digging into my esophagus.

I wait for the moment when he pounces. I think of everything I could've done differently to avoid this situation. That's the beauty of hindsight, it's 20/20. Let it just come.

In a matter of seconds, he's on me. I feel the weight of his body and the fingers around my throat.

It's gentle and thoughtful, but still dominant and commanding.

Did I mention it's just a simple role-playing venture?

I feel the fear and he feels the control. I couldn't ask for more.

It is seeping out of our pores. Pheromones.
what's it to you?
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