Wayne Don't take the advice of others too seriously. Remember that all fortunes and predictions apply to all people. You are an idiot. You are not an idiot. History shall repeat. 000709
the one I love astrology...obsessively. I meet people and ask "when's your birthday", so i know if i will get along with them. 040320
blown cherry Today's is the most accurate one I have ever read! I'm so totally amazed!! Not that I ever take much heed in these things, and technically this has only accurately captured the last week, and I'm not 100% sure the trend will continue into the next week, but I see no reason why it shouldn't....but anyway, here 'tis:


Homebody or Party Animal? It is all anout you - your adventures, your hopes, what you want to do. A fabulous new group of friends restores your sense of dignity. [and my access to drugs]
Style File - Without losing your unique take on style, set a new standard in glam and gorgeous. [mision accomplished]
Will you get lucky? Strong powers of attraction allow you to pull people and situations towards the result you desire. [mmmmm, mission accomplished and continuing to be so]
no reason paraphrased:

"don't be drawn to the past. it has nothing to offer you. all you're drawn to is the sense of frustration you were used to. seize the opportunity that's being offered to you right now."

well... okay. but that's so much less complicated.
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