silent bob Her brother said there was a guy named Charlie who wanted to bang all the girls, that he was a player, a basic hopeless romantic, and she corrected him,as i held her in my arms, saying that it was a GOOD thing, being a hopeless romantic. meaning you want and deserve love but never get it, but then maybe sometime you do. thats how i had described myself. 000613
silentbob I don't know what other people see
or what they think is love
But i know know what it means to me
I fall in love so easily
And it's hard to let your guard down
Something you never wanted to
But i gave you my heart and if you turned away
I guess i'd be screwed, but...
I'm a hopeless romantic
You're just hopeless
Beer and wine does me fine but
it doesn't always do
When i get back up and dust off
I always come back to you.
I'm my own man with my own plan
I can't do the things you want me to
I'm kinda lazy and i kinda stink
But i'll clean myself up for you

kaskarkaminski patches holes 000805
birdmad by sheer coincidence (or not)

my last attempt at being romantic also happens to be the root of my hopelessness

isn't it ironic?
don't you think?
moonshine Every time I hear this phrase ... I want to spew. 000806
silentbob moonshine i will spew on you
tell me why it makes you spew
MollyGoLightly its a hollow phrase. means nothing. or at least not much. 000806
moonshine I clump it along with the rest of the meaningless phrases. The ones i think are just said by most people, the hollowed ones. Mostly by men, to look ever so charming. By the way,I d be honored if you spewed on me Silentbob =] 000806
misstree spew not at the phrase,
for being one is much, much worse,
especially when one does everything in one's power
not to be...

try to walk away
from someone you know will hurt you,
you know doesn't love you...
try to tell yourself
that the world doesn't care,
that there is no salvation in
reading poetry on a streetcorner,
but as soon as someone comes along
with a cheerful word, a bit of hope,
you know you'll be out there forever,
spewing your soul into the night
whether anyone cares or not...

don't hurl at the phrase,
pity the peope who are slaves
to their own hopeless romanticism.
Kaskarkaminski I don't believe in hopelesness..not justified hopelesness anyway. As sure as God has placed you in a pit, he has also given you a ladder, you only need to find it. 000806
silentbob what the hell are you guys talking about?? Hollow phrase??? That Hollow phrase is all i have, thast what i use to classify myself. its not hollow to me, it means everything. thats like saying "I Love You" is hollow. sure, it might be overused, and a lot of times it isn't even meant. but when it is meant, that isn't hollow. and i mean this. jeez. why do i give myself brain tumors over other peoples ideas? 000806
birdmad well, shit,
is it any wonder why i swallow my words until they make me sick

is it any wonder why my first instinct when faced with any feeling of attraction is to run and hide and pretend i'm invisible

maybe some prick you know went off and offered you a bunch of candy-coated bullshit
but it isn't alwyas hollow

god, how i wish it was a hollow sentiment

because then i wouldn't feel so hollow now

thank you very much
. . 000806
MollyGoLightly you know, i always thought of the verbs as the most potent sort of words. nouns are next, of course.

adjectives to me are weenie. puny, capable only of modifying. always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

and to think that an adjective caused this most recent blather fuss.

somebody two tears roll down his cheek, one tear each
one for love unwanted, and one for love that will never be
silentbob molly you're still my hero :) 000918
Thyartshallshant Im not a hopeless romantic
Although im probally more so than most "hopeless romantics" But i wouldnt be one to promote myself as if to say "Love me! Because im a hopeless romantic." THAT is what is shallow in these words, not there meaning, but there use. A true hopeless romantic can save the world with a touch of his lips, and not think twice about it because it was in his soul to do so. I cant save the world. But i can try.
jennifer dave is a self described hopeless romantic. he says so. when he pursues, he does so with all his efforts. something his father taught him. it said that he talks about it in front of debi. at least it is from my standpoint. he doesn't love her. he just fucks her. I hated that about him... I still hate it. debi is sad. co-dependent and lonely. he uses her, like the boys I went to highschool with. and I hate him for it. 010105
alkalinepixie i believe in hopeless romantics. and ill clap too so they wont die. 010105
Quiggz Hollow? Nah. Only because you see it that way. Just like someone might take being called carzy, while others take it as a compliment. Everything's just a collection of human made syllables, with a semi-popular agreement of their meaning. I could call myself a buttmonster, and if I think of a buttmonster as meaning "a really cool person", then I'd apprecieate being called a buttmonster. So, if you want to veiw "hopeless romantic" as a hollow phrase, it's your problem, not the user of the phrase. I, personally, think I'm fairly hopeless, and I *try* to be romantic, but the receiver of these actions seem to veiw them as clumsy and quaint at best, and stupid and trite at worst. Ah, well... c'est l'amour... and c'est la vie... perhaps they're one and the same? 010105
stupidpunkgirl i wouldn't call myself this
but i want romantic
i don't get it
i don't let it
but it's what i want
even if i can't admit it
LoLa in a tin2 giggle chi kimps.
he he,
ha ha,
too much cha winkA,
crackle seecumpst.
prckled nosed monster
Alexander Beetle There's always hope, even when you don't want any. 010610
sweetheart of the song tra bong I prefer the term "pathetic romantic". It fits a little better with Aaron, anyway. He just can't shake that lost-puppy-neediness he's got, or affinity for all things sappy and romantic. It's pathetic, really.

And then somehow, it begins to win me over. Breaks little holes in the defense.
Dafremen Pathetic is right. Can you fit the word "sucker" into the phrase somehow? 010611
Chaotic_poet a dream you cannot catch sometimes. Pursuit of perfection. Perhaps that is all you can do when faced with such a dream. Love, a noble goal. 010611
cheer-up-emo-kid Im a hopeless romantic.
youre just hopeless.
silentbob i associate myself with the phrase
but im doing it less and less
cheer-up-emo-kid Im pretty romantic... but I dont think Im hopelessly romantic... 020528
phil if hopeless_romantic was a scale
I would be at the "o" on hopeless
syrope i want one. one time i had one, but it was just too much for me at the time. i want another one - maybe i can handle it now...or maybe it would be safer if i started with a half-hopelessromantic and half somethingelse. do they make those? 020721
fall of a sparrow pathetic, maybe.
logical, no.
happy, sometimes.
glad in retrospect, absolutely.
delial hopeless is right.
you killed what little was left.
misstree for i am truly a romantic, and there is no hope of me ever ruling my own emotions.

AntiJester When will this stop hurting and I just become totally apathetic.

I still die to see you smile
mj surely an overused phrase, but still a wonderful one. i believe there exists a lone hopeless romantic.
he's grown up with this girl.
he's watched her mature into a beautiful human being.
he watched her life evolve.
he always just watched.

he held her hand on the rollercoaster.
he was there when she graduated high school.
he was there when she graduated university.
he was there when her father died.
he was always just there.

he watched her get married.
he watched her move on with her life...and away from him.
he is the hopeless romantic.
minnesota_chris romantic, check
hopeless, check
pd grrah. i agree with mtree on all counts. 040125
jenny enny dots Hopelessly romantic for a boy who just gave me great sex and a Maui Zaui pizza. 040125
unhinged it's in my stars.

helplessly devoted


misstree there's the mooji_moo again...
kept looking but not clicking here, it would catch my eye and i would take it back, until it finally bounced up in the recent... finally clicked... and rememberd... a weekly horoscope that is bafflingly accurate on most occasions just told me today to not let myself be soured on romance by recent maggots in the pudding, especially in new developments... thing is, while the maggots speak of truth, only new development is the playmate, and part of the reason there is such bliss is the *lack* of any romantic pretenses... it is fresh air and bloody grins... no romance anywhere in sight, thank the gawds... strange strange...
megan i'm the girl who wants happily ever after still
i still want you to settle down
because when you're not sure, it scares me, and i'm not quite sure what to do with myself
i'm the girl who still wants to keep her blanky and yet wants to sleep with you
i want holding hands to mean forever and flowers to mean i can't live without you
god, i just want everything to be clear. now. here. perfect.
but i suppose that's just the clingyness coming out again, right
unhinged stupid fucking valentine's day can kiss my ass

i think my dad will always be my only valentine
Doar not true unhinged. not true. 040214
pd there's a reason why they call 'em hopeless. *pulls a face* 040215
once again an oxymoron if I ever heard one... 040229
no reason heartless romantic
smurfus rex I'm with mj above. 040229
specialk no jumbo shrimp is an oxymoron... i look for the hopeless romantics... they seem to be the ones who need love more than the rest of us, and they are so sweet and consederate!


flexible play back this tape, i swear you'll see...
i only wanted you to be with me...
kill the last romantic...
and come back for me...
dante doesnt like love "abandon hope all yee who enter" 061226
what's it to you?
who go