j_blue i know it sounds strange, but sometimes i catch myself checking out dwarves

sometimes i tell myself its about curiousity

but then other times, i think i dig (some of) their forheads, and maybe their booties (the round bootilicious ones)

no, really
Dafremen Probably the funniest image in classic mythology is the story of Sir Gawain's dwarf being kidnapped.(King Arthur's court dontcha know.)

In the story the bad guy is described as "tucking" the dwarf under his arm.(like a football) and the dwarf himself has some pretty good lines for a prop.
nocturnal I don't remember that part. are there more versions than I realise, or did you just make that up? of course, it's also entirely possible that I forgot that part among others. 010613
j_blue there is a distinct tendency to see dwarves a cute little people.

how would you feel if everyone treated you like something cute and little? all the time?

being of no great stature myself, i am equipped to say that it kinda sucks, especially when you are trying to be seen as sexual which might be considered in opposition to cute and little...

just sayin'
kingsuperspecial HONk HONK!

OH WAIT, this is the honk if you're (your) hot for dwarves, isn't it..

I thought this was the
blath ..

'cuse me...
carne de metal HONK!!!!!!!!! 020207
god yeh. come on out for midget mondays
homeless night is tomorrow
flowerbed on a cloud Big Fat Honk! 051203
Evilair that is, female dwarfs (or dwarves, whichever you prefer)

with beards ofcourse
flowerbed on a cloud O_o No beards! Wow...Dwarves are the most pwettiest and bestest creatures walking on the earth...well...second best ^^ 051203
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