Dafremen The other day as we were talking about pupil dilation and its relationship to one's state of arousal,(as well as its utility as a general indicator of one's level of gusto for a particular person or thing) I looked at you through my Venus eyes awhile. I'll be damned if you didn't transform into the most beautiful person or thing I have ever seen.

Through the eyes of love, your already doey brown eyes take on the softness of my grandfather's lake in the morning time but deep, dreamy and shimmering as on his moonlit nights.

Your lips...good lord your lips! As inviting to my lips as the sweetest of peaches, baby(or maybe one of those peach Fantas we had, remember?) I can't begin to describe how badly I wanted to kiss you in that moment, there on the swapmeet bus, in front of God and who knows who.

It was as if everything was centered around you and your being, my entire awareness wrapped around the rythmn of your breathing, the curves of your body.

All the while, blissfully unaware of the growing noticeability of my own libido.

Heh..remember the bumper sticker that we saw on the bus before we got on?

Beep beep beautiful.
blather spellcheck horny

no e
yummyC yeah that botehred me too 020428
berry interesting but the "your" didn't bother you? 020428
Dafremen The bumper sticker SAID YOUR, it was one of the things we (meaning I and she humored me) laughed about. 020429
jessica fletcher umm....i honk and honk, but i'm still alone....sob....just kidding, but i could use a piece, i guess. maybe later. 020516
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