pinkish a nice alternative to saying goddamn it? 010422
alex311swim its like shit with holes....lots of 'em. It can be used as a form of expression when surprised...."Holy Shit your boyfriend is gay?" "Holy Shit...what was that???!!!" "Holy Shit...its Holy Shit!" 010423
d holy shit is right. alchemy.
go tell it to the Holy Mountain..
Effingham Fish Man Lands On Fucking Moon

While definitely amusing, this was not worth the $15 I paid for it.
Arwyn When the hell did I tape Awakenings?! 020118
oren Wiped daily in the vatican. 020118
dudeinanigloo Holy Shit!! The sky is falling down!! The sky is falling down!!

*he says as he swallows some more acid*
rage the pope died today 050402
sad_bitch you know it 050402
Ivory My hamster is actually running in his wheel.

He never does that.

He's a complete and total fatass.

unhinged in the first half, at one point the cavs have a 23 point lead. the second half slides down hill and the magic pull ahead with one second left in the game. lebron puts up a three pointer with ONE SECOND.

holy shit
really just
holy shit guys
unhinged (the fact that i just blathed that adds another layer to the dramatic_irony) 090522
xadle I guess it's a pretty big deal. Starting my own business, on my own, no real support or capital.
I'd been feeling so confident, I was almost surprised at my own cockiness. I've done so many things that were really difficult, and done them really well, that I just supposed I could do this. It would be hard, but totally do-able.
Kind of like when I embarked on parenthood and grad school at once... I see the path ahead, think I will suffer no more than necessary, and emerge victorious. Along the way there, I did often pause and say, "why yes, this is really challenging."
But what I forget these days, is to pause. Pause to rest. Pause to say, "Holy shit!" Pause to take stock. Let all the feelings bubble to the surface and do their thing.
As a result, it sometimes catches up to me all at once, and I am sometimes not certain what the source of angst is. It doesn't threaten to overtake me like it did in younger years. I know I won't be sent into a downward spiral. But still, I gots these emotions and they demand recognition.
Hey emotions, 'sup?
Maybe it's like kids whose parents yell at them all the time, so they get desensitized. My emotions sometimes need to get loud before I notice them. But my awareness does continue to increase, and so, my coping skills also increase.
So I am going to take this step by step, like I planned. Keep my expectations reasonable, like I planned. And maybe, just maybe, I will take some time to feel the weight of this endeavor.
(...and now I'm feeling shyly proud of myself, while still vigilant for the dirty clouds of hubris)
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