pete blonde-haired girls from old ottawa south... is this the lasting impression they make on me? oi, blonde-haired girls from old ottawa south. 040810
Doar Fastidious megalomania,
abrupt signals in mirrored hour glasses.

As stable as the river crossing,
as true as the presidents tongue.
kookaburra "hey, i'm sorry for what i said before. do you accept my apology?"
"yea, sure"

i've stopped listening to her apologies...if she was really sorry she'd learn from her mistakes and stop making them.
...is that too much to ask?

me, i don't apologize except for accidentaly steeping on people's toes.
i think it has something to do with my hatred of being wrong
stork daddy oh man you are so wrong there kookaburra 040826
kookaburra ahhhhH!!!
it burns!!!
pete i was wrong too.. hollow apolgies from my closest friend 040827
Syrope do you feel that?

don't let it be too late
pete it is known about 18 hours until we see alro gutherie together! 040827
what's it to you?
who go