fyn gula Of all the times he clutched the wound and stopped the bleeding with his hands, he loved the feeling of the warmth slipping through his fingers the most because he knew he was not ruined, that there was still the chance of being normal. his heart was beating like everyone else and if he wanted he coud make a smile appear on his face. 000203
camille until it tapped him on the shoulder and reminded him that he was dead. With a sigh he went back to what he was doing. Reminded by the twitch in his eye that this was only a dream. 000203
.sunshine. i laid my head down on his chest to fall asleep but i couldn't even close my eyes. i could feel the pounding on my ears. and so i looked into his eyes and i could see that his heart was beating.

for me.
keeper i could feel it
i could hear it

faster, and faster
farmfish from dancing with children, arms raised trying to catch bubbles. 011006
Casey Standing on the side as her claw like hand flew as fast at lightning through his chest, and shatered his ribs. Her nails dug into the bloody beating flesh.
After she ripped out the vital organ, all she could do was grin.
nah....! he just didn't want to admit it. 011113
unhinged and i always felt close to god
but it is something i don't hear
lost in the wind
that blew him away
to her
and i'm sure she lays
her head on his chest
at night
hearing the life
that i wanted inside me
In_Bloom He thought he should have sent her away
He thought he should have said, no
What would he say to the other?
What would do to punish his body for it's betrayal?
He muttered some words out loud but she didn't hear them, didn't want to...
Why bother with lamentations over what makes a body blush and blaze?
His heart was beating and she'd watched him smile
The rest was
what's it to you?
who go