misstree in discordian terms, one who is goofy in a way too random to have much effect. lacking any base of connection to the pineal glands of those both sleeping and awake, the mindfuck attempts of most rhinoceri tend to slide off the surface, or pass straight through without eliciting more change than mild puzzlement. 020401
yawn don't eat from my pasture 021215
screwing for virginity are responsable for more deaths every year than from any other wild animal 021216
minnesota_chris those herbivoires are nasty. It's not the wolves that'll get you, but the moose and bears... 021216
Mandijabster i wanna hippopotamus for christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do. Dont want a doll, no dinky dinker toy. I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy. I want a hippopotamus for christmas. i don't think Santa Clause will mind do you? He wont have to use, a dirty chimney floo, just bring him through the front door, thats the easy thing to do. I can see me now on christmas morning creeping down the stairs. Oh what joy and what surprise, when I open up my eyes, to see a hippo hero standing there.....yea lalalla 031216
notme http://www.cca-kids.ca/special/index.html 031216
snarl. stupid kkkkkkkkim girl.
so die you ugly cow.
what's it to you?
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