kerry to victor, my favorite senior and highschool hero...
i walked by you today in front of the school and saw your long brown hair swaying by clear eyes and
wanted to talk to you so bad
just like last year when i was a freshman watching you pass me by [dreaming]
because i don't WANT you.
i only want to be near you.
you are my highschool hero in converse shoes and Sonic Youth t-shirts, and laughing and your picture of the lightbulb swaying with the traintracks in the background makes me feel like a balloon has just filled up in my chest.

"hey, sonic youth is cool!"
"you're cool just for saying that."

jackie says not to put people on pedestals. she says you are only human. if you are only human, then why do i feel enlightened after talking to you
unhinged if high school is your pinnacle, i don't want to be you. i'm glad i was a dork in high school. 020813
eddie sonic youth
insperational propaganda
shhh i heart bobby evers.

you helped with my homework...
burden sounds like an emo band
a pretty-boy convention
poop and flash and ooh the cheers and the glistening
temporary stare
kerry it's not really a pinnacle... and i am a dork too. which i suppose is the reason i tend to idolize certain people. meh. 020814
unhinged kerry--- didn't mean to offend. i was just thinking of all the popular assholes that i went to high school with. 020814
kerry nah, it's cool, i wasn't really offended, but thanks. there are so many assholes at my highschool also... somehow i know this is something that will never change. 020815
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