endless desire err damnit. 030619
endless desire we started an organization.
high maintenance anonymous.
it is a burden to be high maintenance.
i am the type who desires attention
and freaks/gets excited over small things
and fills places with endless chatter.
i apologize.
i apologize to the world.
i'm working on it, ok?

i spent 3 hours discussing it tonight
weir walks by,
"crap, are you still talking about being high_maintenance?"
"yes! god, it's driving me nuts."
((shakes his head))
"only a high_maintenance person would take 3 hours to discuss whether or not they were high_maintenance."
things, damnit, he's right.

so how do i not be high_maintenance?
it is not always necessarily a bad thing.
i am full of life in most situations.
and when i do not act this way,
people think something is terribly wrong.
this is ellyn's frustration.
((you know something weird? why do i still go by endless desire if you know my name anyways. that really just doesn't make any sense to me.))
what's it to you?
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