somebody Seek professional help. 040812
globalfruitbat you make it like jewels, your writing is amazing.

thank you for it!
daxle creaky dolls with wooden joints, the sounds of their marching call you out 040814
pipedream you shine like sunflowers on a grey day. 040815
Clouds over the moo(d) I dreamed of you lying on the floor of a disused house, fucking yourself with a filthy and broken doll's leg you found in a gutter.

I love you.
sab how pretty are all of these!

a trail of broken children
charred memories
and thou

drink up drink up
in the dark noone can tell how cheap the wine is
when i was little
i was the only one
who wanted to be a goblin_girl

drink up
drink up
drink up i say

this madness keeps
the other madness
from spilling

yet we're all danergously close
to the edge

drink up
drink up
drink up i say

for this day hath ended
each day ends
and promises never to return

and that certainly deserves

not to your health
but to your healing
and although truer words
were probably said
i cannot think of any Right Now.

drink up
drink up
drink up i say

we shall drink this day to bed
and continue on till morn.

peter pan never had it
this good
mt big_momma likes winking at me through your words. keep dancing always. 040816
globalfruitbat when the sun comes up, still be whirling on the we grass 040817
pipers that's so great, sab...can i keep it? 040817
Doar Did you get my e-mail? 040824
unhinged i was closer to you than i've ever been last week, chilling in hawaii to leave my little bro there as he is supposedly going to college there. we'll see how much class gets gone to though. and there was an australian man on our bus tour of the island and he was a tree lopah. and his accent reminded me of you, maybe a little more country than yours perhaps but i was thinking of you. and how you say 'ring' instead of 'call' and how you say 'love' instead of 'dear'

and it made me smile.
unhinged holy shit!

is glad you are back
sab Hey lady!
Droppin' in
from time to time
to tend the blue blather_garden

Had a poem to write
and needed some inspiration from
all the words that had gone

Nice to see you too xo
what's it to you?
who go