nom hugs from me 070206
nom you're welcome welcome welcome 070207
nom is your current email address the one on your who page? 070223
Ouroboros s-p-m@fotki.com 070224
nom i never called you, yet.

still want to though.

anyway, hello.
Hello ! hello surf dude !

what happened to the law ?

nevermind hay !

it's all confussed this world.


was looking for the Eten Boys...
the Opium gang !
Loas... caving and all...
that was fun...

where did you go after that ?

Morgie and i had fun with you two.

they should call that school Eden instead !

cool den... but we don't need it no more.
it's fun because its nauty ! well nauty.. what does it mean anyway ?

got your tape still... somehere !

Planet Meldeck ! yeah...
i need to find that song again.
did you go to school with two Princes ?
are they ok now?
Ouroboros are you happy and amazed that all the pieces of your life are falling together with such grace?

oh yess i am!
Ouroboros ha. nothing is cohesive. especially my motivation 070511
ever dumbening so awesome.
i was dancing to the oon-tsih music tonight and thought, damn if my homegirl weren't here right now.
then i come home and see you calling my blue name. (email from reg in the inbox too; y'all coordinatin'?)

much love flows southward.
jane do you ever come to sacramento? 090827
Ouroboros when I do- let's meet! 090827
unhinged how's the new place/town?

how's school (has it started yet) ?
Ouroboros school started today- it is intense- our class on group therapy IS group therapy. we shall see.... oakland is awesome- i love my neighborhood- everything seems to be going well. thanks for checking in :) 090828
minnesota_chris I can't say your name without making it sound like Scooby Doo. Rowrohborows!

this isn't really directed at you, but I hope you're well.
unhinged i looked into some black tourmaline necklaces around here recently and found some even better crystal stores here ;-) 100907
unhinged i was in sedona yesterday and thought of you. there are a lot of crystal stores there.

me and my parents drove to a hippie store in cottonwood arizona and i bought a piece of azurite to make a necklace out of. the red rocks there are beautiful.
Ouroboros ahh crystals. ahh sedona. ahhh unhinged. so many good things. 101014
Ouroboros I've been playing with a Scolecite wand purchased a few weeks ago at the SF Crystal Fair: pretty and white, like angels would look if viewed through a kaleidoscope. It brings me _deep_ meditation. 101014
Caroline 452 That's where I got my chrysanthemum stone. We were there together, even though we were "apart". 101014
unhinged you have definitely rekindled my crystal/rock fetish. but as my parents brought to my attention recently, i've always had a thing for rocks.

the azurite on my altar and the sunshine in az seem to have helped. i am going on a weekend retreat at my meditation center next month. it's actually a training level for shambhala because they pretend to be not buddhist sometimes so they call it that instead, but it's basically a meditation retreat. i'm excited. i sat everyday for two weeks and now i'm trying to do a month.

i am more solid about coming to the bay next summer. if worse comes to worse, i know a few people out there that i can rotate couches for awhile ;-)
unhinged i read what you wrote about your dad on no_excuse_for_hate and i had some nosy questions, but didn't want to mar your beautiful writing there with them.

my brother, also a leo, had (or still has) the same problem with our dad. i think age is chilling my brother out a little bit and he is also learning to acknowledge the good things that our father has done instead of fixating on the negative. most of what you wrote about your relationship with your dad could have been written by my brother about our dad (except grammar, spelling, and writing in general are not my bro's strong suits :-P )

so i guess i only have one nosy astrological question: what sign is your dad?

i am nervous and excited to be unhinged_in_seattle and hope you will come visit me there after i am settled. settled in seattle...haha. *sigh* fuck_this_winter ; it seems to be dragging on here at an interminable pace.
Ouroboros :) unhinged- always ok to write me/ask questions:
pops is a cancer
Ouroboros (and i look forward to seeing how things unfold for you- and yeah, hanging out in wa) 110502
Ouroboros also funny to me you think my writing was beautiful- to me, it's slightly embarassing, slightly pathetic, hyperemesis of my mind. 110502
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