hsg once you blath, there's no going back. 100111
In_Bloom I've come to hover over some past while contemplating the facets, the possible futures
Inside me, my lungs are so tight and I weigh excitement against fear
There's so much to gain
No wait!
There's so much to lose
Nevermind, my mortality will choose the gamble again and again
So here I am, breathing to calm and running down a list in my head of why morning will make sense of everything again
The night that I used to believe was my friend is now almost a dreaded foe unless I am quickly into sleep
There are ways out of this tension but I'm fighting not to take them and it makes me jealous of others who do take them
It doesn't have to be, I've seen the time pass beautifully and gently but presently there is a
hesitating, yes
meta meta 100112
hsg yay! i scored a meta! 100112
flowerock maybe I should hesitate more to press blather and hesitate less to say your name.

that one surprised me... it is bothering me more. time to get_over_it

poke at me, please, remind_me

I love you and your name

what's it to you?
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