Quintessensual Me? morphed to show us beautiful wings as typhoid.

So, screw it, this is the last time Quintessensual will blathe with you. Oh, "intensely pleasurable" would not do the experiences fair measure.

Henceforth ... Q.

When the world ends in a few short hours and some seem to surmise adulthood will pounce down - pour moi non, mes chers, I'm not ready to molt or even die - let me stay emblazoned in your eternal consciousnesses, or even better the cooler subbasements thereof, as ... Q.

Q, the letter that can rarely get away from needing a you but never seems able to do much more than write it. (U may stand up now, as and wherever U are (I just hope it's warm), and shed a vale of tears. Mucho gracias!)

Q, for qua, qua qua, quackish, quads, quaffer, quag, qualmish, quandry, quicksand, quicksilver, quill - yes, always hoping to touch you in the right ways and places - quince, quintessence, quixotic, quizzical, qwerty, ...

Q, still Quintessensual, but rich in so many different ways.

Would smell as sweet, if you could come close enough. And, see, the wings are not too shabby or pale. Touch them, they are soft.

Henceforth, Q.

Copr. 1999
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