littel_elf Please! Anyone have tips, anything?

I must stop... somehow.
best advice stay away from blather 030202
Syrope i hate lit papers. so much. 030202
She I'll help you, but maybe tomorrow.. 030203
Piso Mojado i tend to find that i procrastinate from doing things that seem really hard/long/endless/huge/not understandable in any way, and i get freaked out and freeze and get what my dad calls the 'deer in the headlight' syndrome, and then i avoid the thing for as long as possible. the only way i can get started is by hacking the thing apart into smaller pieces/sections and tackling one at a time. i dont know if this is going to help you at all, but its all i can offer on living a functional life with procrastination...
littel_elf thanks Piso :)
Actually, I remember learning that a year or so back... how bad my mem must be to have already forgotten.

yeah, I procrastinate on anything and everything. almost a way of life for me... oh, actually I don't have a life. I'm procrastinating there, too. Very good advice to stop blathing... but blather is too addicting.

The reason I like this place is no one's afraid to tell the truth. It's refreshing. Sometimes frightening, but definitely refreshing.

or is refreshing too trite an expression? Ok, well substitute appropriate expression here: ____
minnesota_chris Two things which are helping me survive grad school:

Disable the web browser. It's called iexplore.exe, rename it to oldiexplore.exe

If Netscape, netscape.exe, change that one. Or put it in a different folder. It won't function, and you won't be tempted to fuck around online quite so much. Then delete AIM and the videogames and put them in the closet.

Check email at the library.

Then, what I do if I ABSOLUTELY can't get anywhere from being too distracted, I hold my breath when I'm not working on something. You'll be sitting around watching TV, and suck in a big breath of air. Then hold your breath, run around and get your books out. When you are highlighting or underlining, or taking notes, you can breathe.

If you're reading but not underlining, hold your breath. And when you can't hold your breath any longer, take one breath, and keep holding that one. It does work!

Hope this helps.
screwing for virginity last year the week before exams i let someone have all my computer games, deleted them from my system, and took all the video/audio files off my comp. i accually studied and all that crap.

but... i lost all my songs and havent had the heart to redowload all of it. y didnt i put it on a cd?
celestias shadow my view of things is that I'll get it done eventually. Somehow. Naturally this results in quite a few more late nights than I'd prefer. *shrugs* The only advice I have is DON'T have blather on your computer screen while you're trying to work. It's impossible.... 031110
pipedream meehee celestias and me rockin' the same always DOEs get done, and besdies...i work best under pressure, so i procrastinate something now, i have an econ exam in a few hours, i suck at it and i don't know jack but nooo, i have to blather and read me comics and tweak my blogsite...hehehe 031110
blown cherry well, my video card isn't running properly so I can't play anything with 3d graphics. That's something at least, however there is still tv and the rest of the internet to contend with, and those two exams and 8000 words waiting to be written just keep creeping closer and closer.

....and closer....

can you hear them?
scraping at the windows, clawing at the doors, soon they'll break their way through, and then there'll be no stopping them!! Mwahahahahahaaaaa

ahem, sorry.
Stress is making me go a bit batty.
Maybe if I stopped procrastinating I'd be less stressed. Nah, that's a dumb theory.
physics major I want to stop procrastinating, but it's easier to make excuses about how stupid I am and how I will never be any good at anything even if I tried. 031110
blown cherry Oh, don't feel too dejected physics_major, if it makes you feel any better, at least you're still doing your physics major. I swallowed my pride on that a little while ago, and whilst I am still officially enrolled in my physics major, have decided it would be better if I came back and approached it in a few more years, when my mind is a bit more able to deal with actually doing the tutes. There you go - I've reasoned myself into a rather lengthy procrastination. 031110
physics major Just do it, man! (Not that I know you- my advice- just make sure to do it eventually if it's what you should do.)

Oh yeah, uh, don't put it off until, uh, tommorow.
(There, now it's not off-topic!)
birdmad ahh... maybe later 031111
Syrope why is there wireless in this building? they should know better... 031111
endless desire PROCRASTINATION NATION 031111
Piso Mojado ahhhhhh
what did i do all week?
not my papers, thats for sure

3 two page papers
short, but to the point
where every word counts
the only proof i can offer my professors
that ive actually learned anything

not that ive learned a damn thing about time management
mos i can realte.
had the whole weekend to work on two papers due this week and nothing.
it's monday early morning i'm trying to cope with stress as i begin to write one paper ... i hope i get an extention on the other..
damn it, when will i learn?
Twitch I don't even think about my acedemics any more...

Procrastinating isn't a problem, cause I put off thinking about it.
what's it to you?
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