a thimble in time Eyelids sealed, she heard
the wind
throbbing beneath her

She shuddered as
islands shudder
the crushing wall of sea

I kissed the darkness
and she parted her eyes,
I lipped the light
and she opened
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0^0 _'my_truth'_la_mia_verita__

e_v_e_r_y__l_i_f_e__i_s__i_m_p_o_r_t_a_n_t ...
Lemon_Soda I wonder if two wires that are wrapped around eachother, helping to power the same thing, but never actually share a current feel the way I do...

well, atleast as ONE of the wires...
a thimble in time Hearts entwined, bodies knitted together
She closed her eyes and saw the color of the wind

“I want to breathe your rain
“Then don’t stop kissing me

Her hands – silk – lace through my back
My heart – woven yarn – warms us like a blanket
pinwheel like weeds and lace.

oh tis a funny, funny thing.
Jenny heat of your heart,
heat of your hands.
our passion can ignite this wall
let god crumble at our feet
more valient men than you
have had to be rescued from such a storm.
my love can damage you passing by on the way to the bathroom
but yet you still insist
that our hearts entwine
what's it to you?
who go