hsg one whose art is hardest. one who believes is a hardist. 081002
In_Bloom One with enough faith and energy to make it real
Or a fool
Pity doesn't favor one over the other though
crayolazeppelin affectionately I desire for nothing except to find a person who is regular and can write simple things yet invent the extraordinary and love me in return. 081003
In_Bloom You may as well ask for the Moon-
I know because I've been reduced to baying at her for some time now
hsg the fool knows hi s ILY Jester just stirs the sand. it doesn't matter, it only could for the briefest of a second anyway.

yet, s/he acts as if the whole uNiVERSall depends on it:


effort, here, is a verb- as it is meant to be.

with a little practice, and a little more, and then a lot more you can master your own will to experience life.

anything less than the pursuit of continuous_bliss or celebrating_everything is comparative suicide.

just. go.... and further.

take what is your *best* and multiply it a thousand fold and do that a thousand times. i assure you that what you will find is a truer version of yourself. and THAT self is worthwhile.
what's it to you?
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