Bizzar and he never asks for a thing in return. 030929
misstree and says,
"swallow this.
it's small, and
it will be good for you."
no thanks; i've seen gypsies
feed a piece of bacon on string
to a goose,
and the goose ended up being led
to dinner with a leash right through him.

keep your world, kind sir;
mine may be dingy paper mache,
but it has no strings attached.
phil I don't think it matters if the goose eats the bacon. 030929
Lemon_Soda well....he(x2)used to.

They used to.

But they arn't them anymore.

And niether of them are with me.
misstree i've got plenty of paper mache', lemon_soda. and paint, and glitter, and once you're done you can shove candy inside your world and either hand it out to trick or treaters or hang it from something and beat it with a stick. ya gotta trust me, it's better than a world on someone else's string. 030929
megan inside a small paper box wrapped in brown string
it's raining outside, and the tin roof that covers us makes tiny music
i can smell the faint scent of caramel, from the werthers we ate earlier while laying in bed together
the world doesn't seem like much when he gives it to me
everything gets smaller in his presence
what's it to you?
who go