Lila Pause - just a question. 040819
megan how do we know that? no one knows that... we only know who we truly love 040819
lucky you will know, if you are. 040819
love & hate no, but i have truly loved another... which is twice as bad 040820
jane my father asked me if i ever felt i had been truly loved by a man. i thought it ironic, & uncomfortable to answer. & yet, it was easier to say than i thought. 050824
andru235 not "romantically"...although d & t were close...

someday, though. despite a complete lack of evidence, i feel certain that someday, probably in another life...

leave me to my delusion. it is the only thing that sustains me at this point.

indeed, it has been the only sustenance for centuries...oh, there i go again. shoot me, no, love me. where are you ☺óż♦?
quotree "and did you get what you wanted from this world, even so?
and what was that?
to love, and call myself beloved on the earth"

doesn't have it in front of her, so may have misquoted
oldephebe yes

by God
grendel not in any discernible way since the end of childhood.

but then, i don't really think anymore that i'm one of those people who is meant for thqt sort of thing, so i'm not gonna worry about it.
jezabel sometimes i think i'm cursed to be loved too much... or maybe that's not love... it's some sort of fascinated attraction, always delusional and surprisingly, not yet fatal... 050824
peyton when she touched me
she said
that she was filling her with me
but what i didn't realize
was no matter how much i tried
i could not get those things back
my heart
she broke it
and the older i get
the more i realize
that maybe
it's not just teen angst
it's what so many people act like
because they think it's romantic
or cute
or something that will get attention
but with me
my heart
is really broken
she took it
and filled herself with it
and now
it's gone
and i
so very broken
and just little specks of
the beautiful little boy i used to be
i'm just common
like dirt
or something
not beautiful or youthful at all

and it hurts so bad
that everyday
my heart breaks again

and no one hears it hit the ground
or cares in the slightest
Ouroboros yes, and it
very well may be
falling_alone if i was, i blew them off. 060516
L0v3 Is Fr3 Yes. If jade doesn't lie.
I'm young. But I think I know. and that I've felt. This beautiful thing.

It is happieness. And hope. and Pain. Mixed with a thousand other feelings. So much that you think your heart just might explode from the volume.
and when it doesn't you thank God. And you pray it will never end.
dipperwell Funny, I used to think so.
Because I had to.
For survival, I needed to believe.
Then I had, just recently, a rude awakening.
But at this point, I don't think I need to believe it anymore.
My surroundings have changed, and so have I.
Of course, I still resist it.
But deep down...I can absorb it.
And know that at least my side of the love was real.
no reason who even knows what this means?
the more (or less) that happens, the more cynical i become
Emptyness Alive i believed i was but then my heart was broken so i hope i have but who knows what love really is. who has felt that all embracing warmth that swallows us. making us rise up. making us feel special. to look into our eyes like open doors to our souls. who can say they have. i believed i have and it felt great. 060526
Lemon_Soda Why does everyone always talk about love like the moment i feel it i'll feel it for the rest of my life and everything would be fine once that happened?

Love is a moment, like everything else.
dipperwell happily ever after syndrome
the story can only be finished
when she falls in love

do not underestimate the power of the lie
nineteen yeah. 060527
Emptyness Alive love can be that moment not a moment
lopve can be that light in the darkness
love can be like opening ur eyes
love can make you feel so high that nothing can touch you
you are invincible
you are alive
you are an everburning candle that burns away every doubt every bad thought.
while you are with that one person u ar invincible

as you can see i feel very strongly about this.
superleni yeh, yeh, totally.
a thousand times.
i have.
i reckon everyone has.
it doesn't take much to love.
sometimes it lasts just a moment.
but it's still love.
birdmad No, but now that i understand my role in the play that is the world around me, it doesn't vex me like it did for so long 060706
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