optic discretion and i can still hear her voice haunting every corridor i walk through ... each step i take is a reminder of her. won't those haunting voices ever go away? 020520
poeticmisfit my past, it arises from the dust i left behind and swirls into my body, filling my lungs. rising up and in to plague me once again. reminders of who i never wanted to see agian, of what i never wanted to remember. haunting me with its crimson-whispers that i can feel inside my soul. 020724
phil today 020729
misstree how dare you haunt my dreams.

how dare you
arrive, so suddenly,
and distract me from the chase
that was my distraction.

my dreaming idly twirled its hair,
twirled its world
to paint me a soothing setting,
full of people,
complete with one to hunt,
worthy prey.

i looked over my shoulder
and it felt, even in a dream,
like you punched me in the gut;
i couldn't breathe, i fled the room
before you even saw me.

later the dream found us
sitting in an antique car,
and i leaned back and into you,
and even in day's fluorescent scrutiny
i remember
the warmth of your chest,
the soft weight of your arms around me,
the feel of your head cradled to mine.

how dare you invade
and leave me with such tangible taunts
in the midst of illusion's balm.
misstree erm, forgot a verse... second to last should be

and i remember
pulling away, and both our voices said
we shouldn't be weak,
shouldn't let that happen.
that past has gone.

sorry. :(
quicksilver21166 I can still here her words haunting my days.
Killing my will,
killing my selfesteame,
killing me slowly

why would a mother say those things.
I know not.
All I know is that she only shows what she knows.

I was young and rebellious,
and she was full of hate for herself and my father.
But why did it have to be me?
I know not.

GOD help me find the forgiviness to forgive her.
and maybe I can find a way to forgive my self.
auburn I've been haunting more and more lately. 080818
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