morphine. i am
by myself
p2 by a memory 021216
lost by images of past times. reminders of them. she doesnt even talk to me anymore. she doesnt even look at me when we walk by each other. am i that horrible, just a couple days ago there was still great hope we may get back together. the last time i talked to her she was really fucked up on these sleeping pills and she told me she wanted to kiss me when we were talking earlier that day. whats wrong with me? 021216
screwing for virginity all of my friends think my house is. even though i hear people calling my name when no one is here, and i see people out of the corner of my eye constantly when im home, i still dont believe it is. 021216
Rhin and it frightens me. 021217
Reverend Lough it continuosly streams through my mind; all of it. a haunting river of self-deciet and self-delusion. these dark waters running deep with a current too fast to escape. the undertow pulled them in and away like the shepard herding the flock. they are nothing but sheep. weak, feeble, simple creatures. a life of hollow servitude. i got out before it was too late. i am thankful for this. I AM. 021218
jane i am haunted by the very thought of you
sometimes i hear your footsteps outside, with autumn leaves crackling underneath your feet
sometimes i hear you knock at my window, or just hear the window sliding slowly, because you're trying not to make any noise
sometimes the phone will ring and i'll pick it up and say "hello?" and the voice on the other line is you but then what they say is so not you and i realize he just sounds like you
when you're here, you're like a ghost to me
when you're away, i am haunted by you
. . 021218
stork daddy by a girl i've never met 021218
fork patty unfurl the wet 021224
fairbecca Oh, yes..he's in there..that big 'ole monster in the closet is REAL I tell you!..He breathes and lives and reads the paper downstairs at the table by daybreak.. He sleeps with mother sometimes..his smile is as sickning to me as any other form of rotten meat. I can't get the stink off me..haunted even now..Oh, yes..he's in there.. 031122
pete silent, silent, silent
the music is a taste of nostalgia
and lend the memory to a time
before memory,
grasping into that whole behind the many
when music was something sacred
not yet profaned by recording
but i could never go back to those dark days

silent, silent, silent
the arian emperor paced,
restless in the night,
trying to unwork his predecessor's curse
and restore man to mortality and god to divinity
against the screams of the angels

silent, silent, silent
and the head has been reborn again,
grown from the burnt stub
and clubbed into a fury
but a man of divine success,
and divine failure

silent, silent, silent
just the chewing of a restless friend
eating the books once read
and respected
now dissected without thought or a pen

silent silent silent
unhinged muse

album --- absolution

even though i really have nothing to do with them anymore, they still steadily expand my music collection. the only things i really listen to anymore them, because of them.


i bet there's a few more i can't think of and some i knew before them like ben folds, radiohead, nirvana; i mean really.

but i'm still haunted by them, even after the break up, even though it's been almost two years since i heard them live. 80% of the time it's them in my headphones.
Mikhos Not by a ghost..... can you be haunted by the living? 080109
In_Blooma Yes, you can be haunted by the living
In scents on the breeze
The clicking of feet on pavement
A sigh in the dark when you're alone
Staind_And_Souless By all that could have been. By a line in a poem. 120720
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