call_me_lydea does anybody else hate christmas? Please, share you thoughts ;) 021216
morphine. i wouldnt say that i hate it
but instead
i really just dont give a fuck
Arwyn i just hate it this year.... then again, having your grandmother die right before it, kinda ruins the holiday for you. 021216
Ariadani yaaaag! chrismas commercialism and carols repeated a thousand different ways the same. what the fuck. so obnoxious for somthing that started so humbly. why do people even celebrate anymore? yay, more stuff.
i made my wishlist the other day, and realized that it was all stuff that noone would ever give me, even if i asked for it. and its all stuff anyway. i dont really need more stuff. sometimes i succumb(sp?) to the commercailistic crap, and later, i go back and look at my tiny room and wonder where it gets me.
its not that chrismas time is depressing, its that there's so much stress around that time that overwhelms one. everyone gets crazier, and pushier, and generally stupider when trying to do what they think is what is supposed to happen, and here i sit, trying to get everything done in the time i have, with no emotion to spare. when you plan things, realize the concequences they will have. how can you make everyone happy without draining the lifeforce that keeps you going from your being? and if you dont drain yourself for others, how can you qualify spending that same energy for yourself?

you cant. and thats the end to it. you have to be selfish to a certain extent, and if you dont like it, theres not much you can do but live with it, and continue living with it because anything else (such as, gasp, godforbid, suicide) is selfish. so, pick your poison. litterally. die for others, or yourself?
you ache, yearn, to be appreciated, loved, caredfor, and how many are selfless in this once they recieve what they so passionately hold close to them.

balance is never reached, but always on the hairline one way or another. everything is the same, only different.
when do you give up, and how do you keep fighting? fighting? clawing to the surface of the depths of your unconcious, how much can you repress before it is all meaningless?
what is emotion and why does it all matter?
who are we, but shadows of ourselves and our predecessors?

peace. the wind caressing the land, as the scruffy snow billows in puffs. these are the things we should think of as we rush, rush, bustle,hustle these days.
calming things to smooth the rough plastic exterior of commercialism.
things of nature, not mass produced or shipped a thousand places in a billion pieces to race the clock.
joy, rather than the fleeting happiness that momentarily overtakes us.

merry christmas everyone.
Death of a Rose hmmm.....


eggnog for all with a generous splash of rum

and if you don't like the noggin,

snockers to ya.
Lemon_Soda Not christmas...just that it keeps showing up earlier and earlier... 031127
Whitechocolatewalrus I don't know that I actually hate Christmas, I just hate that the only reason people ever get you presents is because they have to, not because they want to. 031127
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