jennifer so
I went
and watched
(that's all I ever do)
and the whole time
the only costume I wanted to see
was the
grendel so i went
and drank
and got stoned
and in the end
out of all of the people invited, i was one of only three who showed up

but after awhile i was too stoned to care
daxle so I went too
planned on drinking then decided not to but then next thing I knew I was laughing histerically and pounding my fists on the floor
guys punch eachother on the shoulder when they meet, I promise!
questions and confessions: all about the entertainment/shock value
my whole body is sore, but maybe that was just from the moshing lessons
why do I drink so well?
we stand out on the porch and he can't get his bd lit, the guy who acts like he knows it all, so I suggest that he suck as he lights
"I've smoked things before"
lo will we meet again at the halloween party? i hope so... 030607
what's it to you?
who go