402_325_6058 WOOT 000807
jj ooop 001108
marissa i can talk about you here, and really open myself up, and you will never know.for once i can express my opinions not worrying about getting you angry with me over something that sounded wrong. too bad you will never know. 001111
You know who Ha! Found you! So opening yourself up are you? What exactly do you mean by me getting angry of something that sounded wrong? Huh? Do you think I'm some kind of unreasonable asshole? Wel? Do you?Yer starting to piss me off now!!!!!

You can run, but you can't hide, and now I know where yer talking about me, so it's all over!!!!
what am i saying? Some kind of gardening feature, like a pit, but not quite, I think. 010629
... i feel all proud coz someone read one of my blathes....yes, i know i am a pathetic soul, but little things make me happy.. and thats what i survive on.

the little things.
pete echo I need more of this. I also need the longer hahaha and hahahaha 040229
what's it to you?
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