secret scientist I just wrote this to predict what you were going to do before you do it. I have seen this pattern before and I know what comes next.

Next you will try to launch a movement against me. Trying to get others to join you, share your pain. But sadly, it will not work, and you will come out of this looking like a bigger jackass than before.

It is bad enough that I had to shut you down so childishly, but since you've got the vocabulary of a 32 year old, and the mental maturity of an eleven year old, I must adapt to your level in order to communicate.

Of course, I will eventually forgive you, but only after you learn your lesson will I raise our relational level back to it's potential level.

If only you didn't try to say so much, you could focus your diffracted words into a





TalviFatin George W. Bush? 010724
Dafremen My words will NOT be guided by other than the hands of time, and they will spew forth in copious quantities, discussion closed.

Feel free to debate it amongst yourselves until twinkies go bad.

As for the person to whom you are referring, how accomodating were they...anyhow?
what's it to you?
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